Russ Tyndall

Russ Tyndall has been local to Gaineville FL since 2000.  
You can find him in parks, on porches and bars city wide playing and singing his heart out on his 5-string acoustic bass or his much smaller ukulele.

Russ’ heart is always full of music he is ready to share.  For the past 5 years, Russ has been a ubiquitous figure in Gainesville, always off in some corner playing his acoustic music.

Russ’ basses are a Modulus Q5 electric bass and a Dean EABC acoustic bass guitar.  He also plays a homemade upright bass, and a Lanikai Soprano uke.

 One of my favorite places to play music is in a park while my son runs around.  The kids are always interested and the adults appreciative for the sweet sounds of ukulele at the park.

Russ Tyndall

Russ is employed as a computer programmer and has written programs in a great number of programming languages for a large variety of clients.  He is also partial to reading, philosophy, nature, friends and learning new and interesting things.

Listen to Russ’ solo album, “So Low” on SoundCloud

You can contact Russ via E-mail at: