Tristan Harvey

Tristan Harvey is one of the original co-founders and the drummer of (V)owls.  Tristan’s musical influences are Blind Melon, The Wood Brothers, Norah Jones, and Frank Ocean. Tristan Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist, emcee, writer, performer and producer originally from South Florida. They’ve got something to say, and they write catchy melodies that get stuck in your head. They always strive to make you feel exactly how they feel, through music, by any means necessary. 

Tristan is the pioneer of the catchphrase, “YALLWEIRD,” and sometimes performs solo under that pseudonym. They have produced five solo albums from their home studio and have been delivering consistent and dynamic performances with their musical projects in Gainesville, Florida for over a decade.

Fuck Fox News

Tristan Harvey at FlowSpace 2017