Sweet Irene

Sweet Irene is an accomplished musician, artist, and teacher. She is an experienced multi-instrumentalist and an excellent singer songwriter.

She joined (V)OWLS in 2017 and debuted with us for our shows at the Changeville festival in Gainesville, FL.

Irene brings a sweet and sultry energy to (V)OWLS with her powerful saxophone riffs, and complimented by her ethereal vocals.

Irene is not only a talented musician, but also a visual artist. Her iconic dream catchers caught our eyes at the Spirit of the Suwannnee Music Park with their captivating and cascading colors are handwoven with love.

She also teaches music/vocal lessons. Emily can help you understand music theory, piano, wind instruments, bass, ukulele, and more!

You can contact Irene via E-mail at: sweetirenesdreams@gmail.com