VOWLS Variety Show 04/02/2019

This past Tuesday (04/02/2019) we came back to one of our favorite local venues, Lightnin’ Salvage. LSE is an eclectic bar with an excellent stage that caters to artists of all types. VOWLS is a collective of artists and musicians and for our show we decided to showcase our individual strengths.

Up first we had the lovely and talented Caitlyn Vinci showcasing her original songs and powerhouse of a voice. Her songs encompass the human experience and touch on a range of topics from world issues to self-love. Next up we have the delicate and ethereal Miss Sweet Irene showcasing her original music as well. Sweet Irene’s voice will take you to the moon and back again while her lyrical content talks about real life situations and how we can few them from within.

After these two lovely lady all star performances we have VOWLS, Gainesville Florida’s Premier Progressive Swamp Folk Collective. The first set included some classic VOWLS songs like, “You Can’t Hide What’s Inside,” “Matter and Blues,” “Surrender” and some newer tunes like, “Slips Away,” and “Thank You Bruce Lee.” This was a very laid back easy going first set with light jams throughout and we featured two LBX Freestyles during “Slips Away” and TYBL.

After set one the man, the myth, the destroyer of universes, LUNCHBOX takes the stage and has the entire room captivated during his comedy set. He performed a couple classic LBX jokes and performed an original joke written by our friend Blake Briand. LBX then regaled us with his pop-gone-poetry sketch that had the entire crowd cracking up. He truly is the Best that Ever Lived.

Next up Mr. Tristan James Harvey performed an amazing solo set with his acoustic guitar. Some say the man has soul, some say the man IS soul. Tristan’s masterful guitar techniques paired with a voice that could fill the greatest of canyons set the stage for a heartfelt and an honestly good show. His poetic lyrical content keeps your mind engaged while also punching you right in the heart. Whether he is playing the drum kit, playing bass, creating beats in his living room, or playing his acoustic guitar Tristan Harvey is an artist by every definition. Notable songs: “Pleasant Menace” “Corn Squash and Beans” “The Jackal”

Amy Cecilia up next, sweet and demure paired with a writing style that is catchy and concise her songs ring true to the human experience. After Amy we had the lovely and beautiful Vagileles take the stage and play their two smash hits “Honey Pie” and “Naturally.” The lady trio is comprised of Caitlyn Vinci, Sweet Irene, and Amy Cecilia. Their three part harmonies are unmatched by any other ladytrio out there and their songs are just oh so sweet. Warning: these songs will get stuck in your head and you will be singing them for the next little while.

Russ Tyndall takes the stage next performing an original song on his ukulele. Gainesville famous as the Ukulele Dad at Westside Park, Russ Tyndall plays the ukulele with an innate virtuosity that is admirable. Russ takes inspiration from greats like Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead and writes complex songs with relatable themes and messages.

SET TWO is in full swing after a quick break and stage change. Set Two was packed with jams, smiles, and good times all around. Notable Songs: “Float” “Foggy” “Bliss” “Shining Gold” and “Fleeting Glimpse.”
In VOWLS we all share the spotlight as individuals and as a team. Our songs take you through a full range of experiences and emotions. We hope that anyone that participates in our shows feels comfortable, feels loved, and feels like they are a part of something great.

Thank you, We love you.