Caitlyn Vinci “What is True” Original Song

Caitlyn Vinci Performing her original song “What Is True”

Check out this original tune by our humble band leader, Caitlyn Vinci.

This track will soon be released on Caitlyn’s Solo Album coming soon!

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What have we been up to in 2021?

It has been a long two years since the pandemic started in 2020, and as humans living lives on this planet we have also been affected by it. Individually, we have been taking care of ourselves and making sure that our health, safety, and families come first. Musically, we have been spending the last couple of years exploring our sound, tightening up our existing repertoire, and preparing to record a full length 18-track album.

An 18-track album? Yes. It is an ambitious project, but these songs are so important to us and in times like these we think that now, more than ever, the people of the world (and local Gainesville area ) need music, our music!

Along with focusing on our music as a collective, we also have been cultivating our individual artistic and musical endeavors. We started our sister band, Hibiscus, and both Caitlyn and Tristan are scheduling time in the studio recording solo albums. Lunchbox has created a prolific body of artwork and has been showing art at galleries around town.

We are also trying to cultivate an online presence and community through various social media platforms like Den.Social, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and Tiktok. If you’re reading this please check us out on these platforms and hit the follow/subscribe button.

We have been working hard on ourselves, our sound, and our community to make it through. We thank you for all of your love and support!

Tristan Harvey “Pleasant Menace” Original Song

Video of Tristan Harvey playing their original song “Pleasant Menace”

From the back porch, Tristan Harvey serenades you with their tune, “Pleasant Menace.”

“‘Cause when we were younger
I thought that I could change the world
With a smile, with a song.
But let me tell you ’bout MADNESS!
It’ll be your saving grace when you get lost 
What’s the cost? Who knows?”

Caitlyn Vinci Live at Swamp Boil Restaurant

Caitlyn Vinci Performs Live at Swamp Boil in Gainesville, FL, USA

Set One:
00:00:00 – Pallet on Your Floor – Missippi John Hurt
00:04:30 – What is True – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:09:40 – Stolen Water – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:15:05 – Composition of Soul – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:18:50 – Shit To Do – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:21:45 – Waiting in Vain – Bob Marley
00:26:35 – Love You Like You – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:29:45 – You Pushed Me Out – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:34:30 – Spoonful – Charley Patton/Old Blues
00:38:15 – Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles
00:43:45 – Change – Blind Melon

Set Two:
00:47:45 – Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
00:51:50 – Sailin’ – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:55:55 – Better Way – Caitlyn Vinci Original
01:00:50 – Pay Attention – Caitlyn Vinci Original
01:05:15 – Apple Tree – Erykah Badu
01:09:35 – Going Up the Country – Canned Heat
01:13:15 – You Can’t Hide (What’s Inside)

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Photo from Instagram @vowlslikeowls

More about Swamp Boil: Swamp Boil kindly hosts a variety of local musicians and songwriters to play during their weekday dinner rush. Their food is great, and they treat the artists well. We enjoyed playing music at Swamp Boil

“Established in July 2020, Swamp Boil combines the exciting experience of Cajun seafood boils with the freshness and aromatics of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The result is a hands-on, high-energy culinary experience that immerses all five senses. It’s perfect for family meals, gatherings, and celebrations.”

*All audio and visual content in this video is for educational purposes only *

New YouTube Videos

We have all of our songs uploaded to YouTube, but now we have compiled them into full length EP Videos. These two new uploads feature the audio from our 2019 double release of “FLOAT” and “SPLIT.” We hope you enjoy, and remember to click “subscribe” and the YouTube Fairies will grant us a custom URL.

FLOAT – Full EP – Now on YouTube

SPLIT – Full EP – Now on Youtube

(V)OWLS Around the House

Where have we been and what have we been doing?

Cultivating, Creating and Curating the fresh and new inspirations that spring time (and the threat of global pandemic) brings.

We had a big year in 2019 with shows and recording. We all put in a lot of hard work to gig, make merch, record, practice, maintain our six personal lives, and still remaining creative and writing new material. We did it though.

That is the magic of (V)OWLS. We persist.

We keep pushing. We are determined.

All six of us share the passion and compulsion to create art in every single interaction of our lives. The tiniest actions in our days are glittering and glistening in our creative thoughts. Whether we are caught in the waves of music, unearthing the pigments in visual art, spinning the webs of dream wheels or forging mighty swords from lavish linguistics, WE ARE ARTISTS.

The recent global situation has left us separated and in quarantine, but we are still connected in our hearts and through technology(Thanks internet). We have been creating new music, art, gardens, books, plays and so much more. We hope to come back from quarantine with new material and even more drive than previous years.

We ask you now, what are you creating today?

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is right now.”

Get out there (stay home though) and create a new experience.

We are here for you. We are here to support you with our music and our friendship.

Enjoy our music. We love you.