Caitlyn Vinci “What is True” Original Song

Caitlyn Vinci Performing her original song “What Is True”

Check out this original tune by our humble band leader, Caitlyn Vinci.

This track will soon be released on Caitlyn’s Solo Album coming soon!

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Caitlyn Vinci Live at Swamp Boil Restaurant

Caitlyn Vinci Performs Live at Swamp Boil in Gainesville, FL, USA

Set One:
00:00:00 – Pallet on Your Floor – Missippi John Hurt
00:04:30 – What is True – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:09:40 – Stolen Water – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:15:05 – Composition of Soul – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:18:50 – Shit To Do – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:21:45 – Waiting in Vain – Bob Marley
00:26:35 – Love You Like You – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:29:45 – You Pushed Me Out – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:34:30 – Spoonful – Charley Patton/Old Blues
00:38:15 – Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles
00:43:45 – Change – Blind Melon

Set Two:
00:47:45 – Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
00:51:50 – Sailin’ – Caitlyn Vinci Original
00:55:55 – Better Way – Caitlyn Vinci Original
01:00:50 – Pay Attention – Caitlyn Vinci Original
01:05:15 – Apple Tree – Erykah Badu
01:09:35 – Going Up the Country – Canned Heat
01:13:15 – You Can’t Hide (What’s Inside)

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Photo from Instagram @vowlslikeowls

More about Swamp Boil: Swamp Boil kindly hosts a variety of local musicians and songwriters to play during their weekday dinner rush. Their food is great, and they treat the artists well. We enjoyed playing music at Swamp Boil

“Established in July 2020, Swamp Boil combines the exciting experience of Cajun seafood boils with the freshness and aromatics of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The result is a hands-on, high-energy culinary experience that immerses all five senses. It’s perfect for family meals, gatherings, and celebrations.”

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Countdown to our Mixtape Release Party! 11/02/2019

We are proud to announce the unveiling of our new Ep/Mixtape “FLOAT.” Recorded at Goldentone Studio right here in our hometown of Gainesville. Rob from Goldentone, and our personal friend, was not only accommodating in a musical sense, but also amazingly hospitable. Rob also makes a mean shot of espresso. We appreciate Rob’s focus and attention to detail and we think that you can hear it in the final product of “FLOAT.”
We had so much fun recording and mixing with Goldentone and we hope to utilize their services for our next (even bigger!) project for 2020.

We are about one week away from hosting our Mixtape Release Party at the Big Top Brewery in Downtown Gainesville on Saturday November 2nd. That sounds pretty cool, how could this event possibly get any cooler? IT CAN! We will be performing downtown in the heart of Gaiensville during FEST18 with our friends Locochino and Wilson Stern.

On top of releasing a new CD we will also be rolling out a new line of merchandise (tshirts, stickers, usbs, cds, art…)! We are so excited to share our progress and growth with you and we hope to see you on November 2nd!

For more information about the event click here : VOWLS Mixtape Release Party Event Page

The extremely skilled, talented, and multi-faceted Wilson Stern.

Locochino – “Wiggle Room”
Locochino – “On My Feet”
VOWLS – “Mr. Owl”